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CMF & Vehicle Apartment Concept Project

Mobility project for future commuters and city dwellers with new houseing-scape

Trend Researach

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By 2050, more than two-thirds of the world population will be living in urban areas. Approximately 7 billion people will reside in urban city-scape

As a byproduct of the advancement of technology and education, the quality of life globally has increased. It is resulting in the continuous growth of the urbanization rate. In the long term, this puts a threat on the housing market and crime rate, and segregation issues. How can we continue to advance to a future without these consequences?

Health & Wellness

Globally we are more aware of the implication of physiological and psychological wellness. With a continuous increase in health costs, Americans are looking for a long-term incremental and sustainable way of taking care of their health and wellness.

How can we integrate holistic and rejuvenating approaches within Volkswagen to help our customers get through a stressful situation?


With the digitalization of our world, every step of our action is in combination with our devices. According to Eric Schmidt, president of Google of the World Economic Forum, announced: 'IoT will always be a part of our presence.' How can we create seamless connectivity between our home, workspace, and the environment without losing our humanistic elements? 

By 2050 the IoT market will generate around 1.7 trillion dollars. In 2020 more than 26 billion devices will be connected

Market Share & Ranking

Annual Revenue

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Revenue in Billion Euros

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Revenue in Billion US Dollars





Global automotive anticipated revenue in 2030 is expected to be at 8 trillion U.S Dollars

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Global autonomous vehicle market revenues will grow at 39.6% CAGR during the period 2017 and 2027. Reaching 126.8 billion by 2027.

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Automotive Artificial Intelligence market worth $15.9 Billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 29.8% from 2019.

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Autonomous Vehicle in Millions





By 2030, there will be 20.8 million autonomous vehicles in operation in the U.S.

Market Positioning

Emotive Sensible

Artboard 1 copy 22.png

Performance Oriented

Lifestyle Driven


1. Lifestyle Driven, Emotive Sensible

Most logical and ideal position for future VW to position their Type 2 vehicle. Supporting ongoing needs of tendering to users' emotions with lifestyle-driven design and approach.

2. Performance Oriented, Emotive Sensible

A specific niche market for people who enjoy the functionality and performance-based drive style while keeping up to date with modern pressure and stress emotionally.

3. Lifestyle Driven, Utility Focus

Opportunity number three would be taking a step back in reverse, Volkswagen currently offers a wide utility focus driven design. it would be a re-design instead of moving forward.

Utility Focus

New Vehicle Ownership


New Housing Solution


New Living Space


The New Volkswagen Housing

Automobile Concept, Eine Series

Volkswagen Eine series concept accommodates to increase in urbanization and rise to the housing crisis. By blurring our third living space automobile to be both our immediate and extended living space.

This concept will showcase a new perspective of 'leasing' and 'rental' apartments.

Asset 13.png

Lifestyle Driven & Emotive Sensible

Volkswagen's new vehicle will support ongoing needs of tendering to users' emotional needs with lifestyle-driven design and approach

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Nariko work as a creative director at Maharam. Having previous work experience in the fashion industry as a textile designer and fashion designer Nariko is preparing to launch her fashion brand. When Nariko works at Maharam, she travels both locally and internationally for her line suppliers and fabricators. Nariko has an M.D in Psychiatrist and works as a digital psychiatrist during the weekend as it gives her fulfillment.

Nariko, 64

Birthday: July 9th 1971

Occupation: Creative Director

Location: Sydney, Australia

Archetype: Innovator


De-stress Hub

Companionship & Interaction

Pain points:

Frequent Travels


Dry Communication

Asset 9.png

Terrel, 32

Birthday: February 24th, 2003

Occupation: Animator

Location: Seattle, United States 

Archetype: Late Majority


Terrel works as a freelance animator. She is currently under two different contracts. Terrel has presently no line of distinguishment between work and post-work hours. She works inside her home office. She loses track of time when she is working. She tries to squeeze in time to get up and leave for inspiration and to destress

Terrel works as a novice urban farmer blogger, sharing her tips and process on her blog.


Personal Assistant

Green Hub &

Plant Collection

Pain points:

Indoor Lifestyle

Lack of Work

& Life Balance

Visual Brand Language

Asset 5.png
Asset 6.png
Asset 5.png


Quartz Coral


Healing Sunshine


Weekend Crema


Pine Haze


Window Blues


Dusky Mauve

Hushed Horizon

The muted-down color palettes create a restful environment for the users. The muted colors will display their discrete vibrant characteristics by using the material and its interaction with natural light.

whimsical industrial.png

Whimsical Industrial 

Translucent playful visuals to enhance privacy while maximizing natural light. Use of fluted and herringbone to inherit Volkswagen's elegance in minimal and simplistic design language.

Asset 15.png

Mimicry Harmony

Use of playful visual and textural blends between synthetic and sustainable materials. The combination of natural materials and fibers combined with synthetic materials derived through sustainable practice emphasizes anti-microbial factors, durability, and new visual cues.

Fern Graze

Asset 17.png
Asset 5(1).png
Eine Green V1.png

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1. Black Terracotta
2. Walnut Veneer
3. Stitched Titanium &

Silver Woven Polyester Fabric
4. Stitched Titanium & Silver

Woven Polyester Fabric

Asset 2.png

5. Aluminium Oxynitride
6. Anodized Aluminium
7. Linoleum
8. Ceramic Enamel

Citrus Field

Asset 18.png
Asset 4.png
Eine Yellow V.png
Asset 3.png

1. Earthenware Ceramic
2. Compressed Cork
3. Ceramic Tile
4. Blue Terracotta

5. Aluminium Oxynitride

6. FSC Certified Bamboo

7. Titanium & Silver

Woven Polyester Fabric

8. Non-Petroleum Resin

Derived Paper Composite

9. Anodized Aluminum

10. Lentil & Grapefruit

Composite Tile 

Fusion Quartz

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Asset 6(1).png
Eine Pink V1.png

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1. Anodized Aluminum
2. Non-Petroleum Resin

Derived Paper Composite

3. Non-Petroleum Resin

Derived Seashell Composite
4. Stitched Titanium & Silver

Castor Oil Fabric

Asset 1.png

5. Anodized Aluminum

6. Terrazzo Tile

7. Aluminium Oxynitride

8. Coated Stainlesss Steel

9. Anodized Aluminum


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