About me

Hi, my name is Shelly!


As a CMF & Product Designer, I observe, I listen, I notice the ordinary details of the poetry of a moment. The way the sunlight shines through a warm cup of tea, the feel of my hands against the harvest, the familiar interaction between strangers, I love crafting thoughtful connections and experiences. I am driven to identify what’s often lost or missing in our lives, easing anxieties and insecurities along the way. I want to create opportunities for people to have richer experiences, pause, reflect, breathe and enjoy.

I believe in purpose-driven and open-ended experiments. I utilize different mediums to create my authentic design process; 3D modeling, material experimentation, digital studies.

I design with the vision of restoring the lost balance between digital and physical practices. Creating authentic experiences that convert mindfulness, gratitude establishes confidence, making every moment unique and meaningful.