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Child-friendly Inhaler

M!ND Against

M!ND is a child-friendly inhaler designed to break the stigma behind cold medical connotation of inhalers. 

It aids in breaking the peer pressure and alienation children experience when using the traditional inhaler. 

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8.54 Percent
of Children use
an inhaler regularly
Statistics show that
every 1 in 3 children
use inhaler is bullied
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The use of bright, vibrant colors promotes excitement and playfulness. The forms are soft yet exuberant, integrating well with products that children use in their day-to-day activity. 

More Than
an Inhaler

M!ND utilizes bubbly forms to create a playful and welcoming impression.


The vibrant colors, soft and supple materials of M!ND, prevents children from feeling alienation and panic during the use of an inhaler.

Modularity for Sanitation

The silicone mouthpiece and the grill located on the opening are removable to be sanitized. By applying pressure on the orange button, the mouthpiece will be released. 

It can be easily put together through a lock and click mechanism to inhaler aerosol in the sanitized mouthpiece. 


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Only by M!ND, Only For You

Every element of M!ND is customizable, allowing the inhaler to become more than an object. M!ND becomes the identity of the child. The personality and character of the user. 

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With soft and supple materials like silicon, M!ND will help children feel calm.

The silicone cap is pressed to disperse aerosol. The transparent finish of the cap creates visual interest and adds character.

One with M!ND

Children can use the silicone wrist strap to place M!ND on their wrists. The silicon comes with the default M!ND logo embossed but can have the option to customize to children's name.


The aerosol's come in variety of colors for children to choose from. Ther aerosol canister is specially designed for M!ND inhalers with debossed M!ND logo. 

Once the aerosol is empty M!ND takes the aerosol canisters back to recycle into non-medical products. 

Medley of Personalities!
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