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How can we successfully introduce Makgeolli into

a foreign culture?


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Makgeolli is the oldest alcoholic beverage

in Korean History. The drink dates back to Goreyo Dynasty (918-1320).

Makgeolli is made with rice, water and

Nuruk through fermentation.

During fermentation, first batch of alcohol

is known as Cheongju, a clear transparent alcohol, considered as higher quality and usually served to higher official in traditional Korean history.  

The second batch of fermented alcohol is known as Makgeolli.


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Inspiration 1

The creamy and clear unique visual characteristic from the rice particle. 

Asset 7.png

Min Hwa

Inspiration 2

The traditional style of painting,

known for vibrant colors and
unique patterns.

Asset 8.png
Asset 9.png
Asset 10.png

Use of thick to thin lines

Curved Pattern

Studying Colors of Min Hwa

I conducted a visual study to understand the intricate colors of Min Hwa. Min Hwa has both gradient colors and solid paste of colors


Min Hwa's Composition

Asset 16.png
Asset 15.png
Asset 17.png

First Iterations

Asset 21.png
Asset 19.png
Asset 20.png
Asset 18.png

The first iteration used white outlines

and no gradient within the patterns.

Asset 22.png
Asset 23.png

I tried a different variation of the mountain. Mountain with flat white outline, thick to thin white outline. I chose the one with thick to think line with the orange color. The line doesn't distract the gradient but enhances the quality of the gradient.

Asset 24.png

I wanted the waves to also mimic the same style to the mountains. I choose the wave with a dark and light blue gradient with the dark blue line. It seemed the most natural and elegant way to represent the waves.

Asset 26.png
Asset 25.png

The drink’s key ingredient is rice, therefore I
created a label in the shape of a rice grain.

Asset 27.png

Logo Development

Fermented Alcohol = Makgeolli


Asset 28.png
Asset 29.png

Second Iteration

Asset 37.png
Asset 39.png
Asset 36.png
Asset 35.png
Asset 38.png

Cheong Ju was drank at night at homes of higher official, therefore I wanted to create an elegant and high-end feeling. Although traditionally the moon in Min Hwa is white, I used warm dusky orange to represent the moon, as it felt more coherent and welcoming in comparison to a white moon.

Further Exploration of Makgeolli Lable

Asset 41.png
Asset 42.png
Asset 43.png
Asset 44.png

Makgeolli was a national drink enjoyed by a wide range of audience. It was widely enjoyed by the common people of Goreyo. I created a scene that represents the simple lifestyle of Goreyo common people to visually inform the consumers of what type of setting Makgeolli would've been drank at.

Final Design

Asset 45.png
Asset 46.png

Bottle neck label, indicates the date that the beverage was packed on.

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