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This lack of understanding often causes pets to be abandoned, leading to countless re-adoption processes and, in tragic situations, euthanization. This project will not solve this toxic cycle we see in the pet industry, but designing a product with the same level of integrity is the starting point where we can change the masses' perspective on pets from a secondary part of our family to primary. 

I was inspired to create a space diving screen that pays an equal level of respect and attention to people's products. Design that people cannot differentiate between what is humans or pets. Providing the very best for our beloved pets. 

In the present-day, pets have a different place in our hearts and our homes. Pets are no longer considered an alternative but our essential. 

Although we see a gradual increase in pet products being design with more care and affection, it is designed not with the same degree of intentions and awareness. 

I believe our pets deserve a better quality of life. Raising a pet is a big responsibility that many do not understand.



What is OLLIE

Ollie is a space-dividing system composed of materials and finishes that we see in our products. Taking away what we typically see in pet fences, crates. We are bringing

a flexible way for humans and our pets to divide a co-living space respectfully. 



and Vision

The pet industry is expected to hit a market worth of 202.6 billion by 2025.

Its compound annual growth rate of 6.8%


Visual Disturbance

Fences are used to separate a particular space from our pets.

During the process, the fences also create a visual disturbance from the interior and its surroundings. 



Fences made from plastics have broken and injured not only pets

but other family members interacting with the fences.


Market Research



Play Pen


Target Market

Customers who are owners of a

small to medium-sized dogs. How have visual sensitivity and desire in providing the very best for their pets. 


A system that offers to create

a flexible space. 

How might we create an interactive way to divide and create a separate flexible space for pet owners. 



Asset 6.png

There are three parts to assembling the rotating panels. male an female panel parts with rotating screw bits that allow the panel to move in both left and right directions.

Ollie will have male and female joining parts that allow customizable length adjustment.

Assembled View

Section View

Section View

Laminated Pattern Exploration


Golden Walk


Sunday Stroll


Anodized aluminum to create scratch-proof and toxic-proof surface

Brushed Brass

Laminated tempered aluminum steel to create an illusion of patina finish

Brushed brass rod.

Purchase & Delivery


The price range of Ollie screen will depend on how many pieces the customer wishes to purchase. The screen will be solid in set of five for 300 USD. The screen will provide doorstep delivery service.

The purchase will be made online. The customers will have option for how many screens they would like to purchase. After purchasing they will have option of rate of speed for delivery.

X 2

300 USD

600 USD

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